We spent a night in Gero which is famous for the many onsens located within the small city.

Gero is just an hour of local train ride from Takayama, and the station is located at the opposite bank of the onsen area of the Hida river.

They’re many footbaths along the street, and Qiqi wasted no time to get her leg into the first foot bath right after the bridge.

We made a left turn at the first junction and visited the oh-so-cute frog temple.

Frog inspired landmark are found everywhere here, simply because Gero is the sound made by a frog in Japanese.

Walked further and a slight right, we found another foot bath. This foot bath was hot, literally, and was the best foot bath we tried here.

Most restaurants only open for dinner, so we walked back towards the bridge looking for food.

There’s a public selfie stand installed on the roadside for taking picture with this Gero guy.

Found a plain looking restaurant along the river. Everything was good inside – nice food, reasonable price, and a great view.

We checked in early at 2:30 pm to our onsen hotel Ogawaya 小川屋, located near to their bridge. It was one of the biggest hotel here and offered different types of room. We wanted the tatami bed room but were sold out and got a double room instead. It was big enough for us to move one of the mattress to the floor.

Just 5 mins walk away, we spent the afternoon at the Onsenji Temple. The temple is located at the top of the hill and Qiqi completed the climb all by herself. 

We took more photos up there..

After a long day under the cold weather, we finally got to enjoy the onsen in Ogawaya 小川屋. There’re 2 onsen for each gender, a big indoor one and a scenic outdoor one, with the view of the mountains and river. It was crowded when we went at 5 pm, and Qiqi was not alone. There were quite a few toddlers, and babies too, at both genders.

Dinner is served in the common hall, and at a staggering time, so no need to rush when we went at our timeslot. There were many tasty side dishes with the main hida beef mini hotpot. Remember to ask the staff to light up the fire when you’re ready for the beef. It was the best dinner we had so far during this Japan trip. (mum Instagram-ed all the unforgettable dishes)

The breakfast next day was also very good. It was Japanese buffet style with hugh variety of dishes. We went for another round of onsen before checking out. 

Qiqi posing with the frog idol from the hotel.

Went for another round of footpath, the one opposite the frog temple which we missed yesterday.

There’s a open public bath along the river bank on the train station side. A Japanese boy was bathing in the onsen when we arrived there.

Qiqi instead preferred to just footpath.

And you can tell how much she was enjoying the onsen.

We finally made our way to the train station to catch the 2 pm train back to Takayama.