We visited the Hida folk village today. We took the round trip bus package from the bus terminal for ¥930, it includes the entrance fee of ¥700.

We dressed ourselves up immediately upon entering the village.

For some cosplay photo shots.

Then we got our hands on, or legs on, some village walking gears.

Though the village is not as big as Shirakawa go and most houses are originally housed elsewhere, there were snow on the roof.

And we were happy to take photo of snow covered Grassho style houses.

The interior of the houses were well preserved.

And also a bit cold, as shown by Qiqi.

In the afternoon we went to the Ninomaru park.

For Qiqi to add to her collection of the swings she conquered in Japan.

We then went up the mountain.

To check out the Takayama castle ruins, just in time to catch a glimpse of sunset.

It was another long day, and we treated ourselves with A5 beef from Hidagyu Maruaki again. This time, we shabu shabu at the restaurant there.