We went to Shirakawa go today on a clear sunny day, as forecasted.

We picked up the car early and Qiqi was visibly happy to be back in an infant car seat.

A suspension bridge provides access to the village from the parking area, and Qiqi hop all the way through.

We found the village in a snow covered land surrounded by high snow mountains.

And well preserved with many old Grassho style houses.

And an igloo.

Everybody there walked up to the view point to take some million dollar photo shots.

Including us.

Back to the village, Qiqi was amused to find big fishes swimming in the public narrow drains (looked like trout).

She then had her lunch here. 

Followed by her favorite Hokkaido ice cream.

And wondered around the village with mum.

After we left, we had a brief visit to Sukyo Mahikari. A temple with an Noah’s Ark roof, symbols of stars of David and red swastika, majestic hall, and a grand alter with giant fish tank underneath. An memorable visit indeed.

When we were back to Takayama, Qiqi was happy to find another new swing.