The Sanmachi street has so much to offer for tourist that we spent the whole day there today.

After checking out the morning market, Jinya mae, we went inside the old government office, Takayama Jinya.

It was cold inside, and so was Qiqi.

So we went out for some photo shoots.

Tried the local rice balls.

And crossed the iconic red Nakabashi bridge.

To the Sanmachi area, ever crowded with tourists.

Qiqi was fascinated by the hydro powered robot, as the dish under the hood would swap each time it was opened.

And the man powered rickshaw.

Before we left, Mum tried the zenzai from one of the many dessert shop there.

Qiqi tried foot bath for the third time in her life.

We ended the walk with another swing.

Mum did some shopping at Uniqlo Frespo, and rewarded us, for waiting, by cooking dinner for us with food from the supermarket there.