We explored part of the city today, visiting the Miyagawa morning market and Sakurayama shrine.

We started the day with the Miyagawa morning market.

Qiqi tried some juicy apples.

And the most popular street food in Takayama, the hida beef bun 飛騨牛まん.

Before spotting a playground at the opposite bank of the river.

She tried the swing standing, and ended the slide standing.

The Sakurayama Nikkokan shrine is nicely preserved and is surrounded by giant trees. Locals brought newborn and toddler to be blessed here.

We continued our walk to the Takayama Betsuin Temple House.

And made Qiqi very happy with the second playground of the day there.

Mum made us walked all the way back to a restaurant serving lunch set with beef sashimi, which she saw earlier. We ordered total of two of the lunch set, and it turned out that she had mistaken the pickle as beef sashimi, and most of the dishes are vegetable.

To counter her disappointment, we went to a hida beef shop and bought some A5 beef from Maruaki to cook in our kitchen for our dinner. Mum was happy with the beef this time.