The temperature today dropped by 10 degree from yesterday, and the rain started to turn into snow when we went out. To overcome the weather, we pampered ourselves with restaurants we’ve been craving for the whole week. 

We first did some administrative at the Japan Posts to ship back our ski stuff (¥5300 for 10kg). We got to try the famous red bean paste fish store near Nawate road as it was not crowded. It was indeed delicious.

Thankfully the restaurant 料理しづか, recommended by our local hero, was not closed this time. Located near to the castle, the open kitchen concept restaurant is well decorated and we felt cosy and welcoming once we entered.

The oden was soft and juicy soaked in nice broth. The best part is the price, our lunch set cost only about ¥900 each. After bill, my wife reminded me that she paid about the same price for oden from Lawson the other day.

We reserved our dinner しゃぶしゃぶ温野菜 early to avoid another disappointment (3 days ago). It is a buffet shabu shabu restaurant with lots of fresh veggie, and Qiqi can’t wait to start eating.

The slice meat was good, but my favorite was the meat paste. We ordered with 3 portions each with different toppings. 

After 90 mins of feasting (2 hours dining limit), we got to choose 3 dessert. Qiqi likes the ice cream in caramel and mum likes the chocolate cake.