It was a sunny and not so cold day and off we went for another day trip. This time we went north to Azumino, a scenic countryside town at the foot of Japan Alps.

An half an hour train ride brought us to Hotaka station. From the city center, the train station looks more like an ancient shrine (the left building below)

We rented electrical bicycles at ¥300 each per hour, and they came with detailed route directions to the nearby attractions and discount coupons for wasabi ice cream.

Tokoji temple was our first stop over, and mum got to try on the largest pair of slipper she ever wore before.

Mum overtook us as she can’t wait to go next to the Daio Wasabi farm.

Interesting to see how wasabi is farmed in a river stream using pebbles instead of soil. The farm is really big and we managed to snap some pictures at one section of the farm.

The discounted coupon came in handy as we had our first wasabi ice cream.

And tasted our first wasabi beer.

Before leaving, we made a wish at a sacred stone on a hilltop. Qiqi wished to have a brother..

I got the chance to overtake mum on the way to the onsen area.

Exhausted after the uphill climbed, we were rewarded with hot foot bath. Qiqi was starting to enjoy onsen.

Off we went to the next attraction, the glass museum. 

We ended up visiting a local grocery instead. It is located beside the museum and the apples there were delicious and inexpensive, less than one third the price of what we could get at Isetan supermarket Singapore. If we drove we would have bought a dozen.

Our last stop was a diary farm 北アルプス牧場直売店, and the ice cream is really good. How I wished I didn’t have the wasabi ice cream earlier so that I could have another cone here..