We spent the whole day at the Matsumoto Alps Park today. A short 25 mins of bus ride took us all the way up the mountain. That is the only bus that gets there and it leaves 2 times a day at 10am and 2pm everyday. 

It was a sunny day on a Sunday morning and the park was packed with children when we arrived.

Qiqi first checkout the 360 survey at the observatory tower.

After we found a spot to settle down, two elderly men brought out a dozen of rabbits right in front of us, including 2 baby rabbits.

Qiqi got very excited and can’t get enough of the rabbits.

After a long while, we finally managed to get her to the ever popular long slide.

And also took the cage rope ride.

There’s a mini zoo a few steps away and is free of charge. Qiqi started with feeding the goats.

She then tried to catch the guinea pigs.

She posed with her favorite animal pony (she is born in the year of horse)

Before we knew it, it was 4 pm and we’ve missed the 2:20 pm bus going back. We tried to walk back since there was no taxi up in the mountain and only a 4 km down hill walk. But after only 1 km we felt tired, probably due to the cold weather (6 hours at the playground) and carrying of a sleeping Qiqi.

This was the moment when a car stopped in front of us, and a nice guy came out to offer us a ride. He even chauffeured us around and walked with us to show us where his favorite restaurants were located. What a warm and heartening way to end our day!