The best spot to take picture with the picturesque Matsumoto castle is actually free, at the open area outside the ticket entrance. Here, Qiqi found some pigeons playing with her.

After we paid to go in the castle and climbed to the highest floor, Qiqi suddenly started singing in the middle of the room. Maybe it was too cold inside, or she was just bored after all the staircase climbing.

Back out in the sun, Qiqi found some cosplayers.

And pebbles to play with.

And dozen of cute fluffy rabbits waiting to be patted by her! 

Before we leave, how can we not take a wefie? 

Also wefie at Nakamachi street..

We pampered ourselves with lunch along the Nakamachi street, vegan basket with cold soba.

And curry dinner from one of the top restaurant in tripadvisor, Takuma.