After a week of snow filled fun in Hakuba, we moved on to Matsumoto. 

During checked out, we thanked the staff of Bergtour Marukita Hakuba for the great hospitality. They were friendly and helpful throughout our stay, and chauffeured us to anywhere nearby. Restaurant, bus stop, train station, etc

Here came our train to Matsumoto at Hakuba station.

We’ve heard so much about the scenery along this route, and we’re not disappointed. My favorite was the tranquil lake in the mid of white snow filled landscape with grand mountain as the backdrop.

Even Qiqi also seemed sad to leave Hakuba.

Slowly and sadly, the snow got thinner and thinner, and finally disappeared behind us.

Our new hotel Premier Hotel Cabin is right next to the train station, and it offers a great panaromic view of the city.

It was only 3 pm after checked in, but we were so tired, probably due to the combination of sun and snow, that we decided to call it a day.