Hidden inside small alleys of shop houses, it took a while for us to find the gondola station at Tsugaike Kogen slope. Also in the alley, we found an excavator falling victim to the heavy snowfall over the last few days.

We were glad to find another affordable rental, ¥2500 for a full set, at Ski&board right beside the gondola station. The equipment were new, there were chairs for us to sit while changing, and we could leave our shoes there. 

It was only the first time that everyone took the gondola together. We just paid an additional gondola pass of ¥350 on top of one ski pass ¥5100 (we couldn’t find any kids playground nearby). ButQiqi was not happy with the space, or the lack of space, in the gondola.

We did find a playground but was small and Qiqi was all alone. She then waited patiently by the window for her mum to snowboard pass her, and she was well entertained.

Shortly after, we decided to go down as we found a better playground at the foot of the mountain 5 mins away by foot from the gondola station. This time, it was my turn to take the gondola with Qiqi, while mum snowboard down.

Qiqi was happy when we finally found a cosy playground for her.

She also made some new friends.

Meanwhile, I was happily zipping on a deserted slope outside. Maybe it was the size of the slope as Tsugaike slope is the biggest here in Hakuba, or it was a weekday, or just because it was already end of season.

The sun was setting soon and mum got to drag Qiqi out of the playground to return our ski stuff.

Qiqi was good to bid goodbye to the friendly guy at ski&board.