It was the first time that we had consecutive sunny day since we arrived at Hakuba 5 days ago, and Qiqi was making the full use of it.

We checked out the snow filled river before we went up the gondola at Hakuba 47.

And greeted good morning to the snowman.

And finally, took the gondola ride.

Nothing much to do for Qiqi at Hakuba 47. Instead we went back to Goryu Escal Plaza, again. (the slope at 47 is also accessible from Goryu). Qiqi was obviously happy to be back.

Qiqi had another fun filled day at the playground. Exhausted, as usual, Qiqi almost fell asleep in the gondola.

On our way home, we spotted our favorite 小笼包 restaurant 京华小吃, proudly telling everyone their origin country (spot the small “Singapore” in the signage? )