It was easy to be confused which part of Japan we were in after 4 days of continuous snow here. Roof top covered with a meter of white fluff. Vast open area blanketed with white snow. High snow wall built up along the side of the main road. Are we already at Shiragawa-go or Kurobe Alpine? Or are we still at Hakuba? 

We headed to Goryu again and this time we wanted to snowboard. Mum was visibly exited on the way there in the shuttle bus.

We planned to rent 2 pairs of boots and share a snowboard, since we’re getting only one ski pass. We found a distinctive pink shop near the plaza entrance, which offers a irresistible price of ¥2500 for a set vs ¥4500 from the official Goryu rental. Caveat being the boots were a bit wore out, no chairs for us to sit when changing, and no shelve to keep our shoes. We decided to give it a shot, and ended up going back there again the next day.

Off we went to explore the slopes in a neat perfect snowboarding condition – sunny day after days of snowing.

Mum took Qiqi up the submit, and it was Qiqi first time taking the gondola.

The alps360 at the end of gondola ride offers a great 360 degree view.

Back at the indoor playground, Qiqi had another fun day.

It was a tiring day for Qiqi without her usual afternoon nap, and she knockout on the way back to the hotel, under the backdrop of the orange sunset.