We’ve finally managed to ski and Qiqi managed to put on her ski equipment. After all the hassle of carrying all our equipment + Qiqi to take shuttle bus to Sakka slope, Qiqi started crying once she put on the ski. Probably due to the lack of sleep and phobia from the crash yesterday. Well, at least she managed to cry in full ski attire, without helmet. We’ll try again to let her ski tomorrow..

We got the cheapest ski pass I ever bought – ¥2500 for two different beginner ski lifts (not too bad, the slopes are quite steep). We only needed one pass as we took turns baby sitting and skiing (this is the first time Qiqi had helped us save money). We managed to ski 3 round each..

Luckily, Qiqi met her friend, Yi Lin,whom she known yesterday and they played for hours again in her favorite playground. Good for all the 4 parents. (Thanks Margaret for the nice pictures)

At night, Qiqi likes the kimono (provided by hotel for onsen) so much that she slept in it..