It was past 8 pm when we finally checked in to our hotel. A long trip, starting from a 7 hours ANA flight to Narita airport, 1.5 hours airport shuttle bus to Tokyo station, 4 hours shopping around, 5 hours bus trip from Shinjuku to Hakuba station, finally 10 mins taxi ride to Laforet Club Hotel. It was late and there was nothing much to do except to unpack and take some pictures. It was so cold that Qiqi started playing with the charcoal..

We were told the snowing started in the morning the day we’ve arrived, and expected to last for the next 3 days. Indeed, the view from our room next morning looked exactly like the room view from a friend of mine residing in Ottawa Canada. (Later on, some staff from Sakka slope told us how lucky we were as it is rare to snow here during March)

Next morning, we headed over to the ski slope and settled in the kids park, trying to let Qiqi get used to wearing the ski suit, beanie, and gloves (all bought from Taobao). They had proved to be money well spent as Qiqi managed to survive the horrible crash..

Qiqi also learnt how to make star on the snow from her mum.