Since the official detailed cherry blossom forecast will only be out after our arrival in Japan (by Japan Meteorological Corporation), we’ve added a few cherry blossom itineraries, to each of the cities we’ll be staying during the blossom period, to increase the chance of catching the blossom. The latest update from them as of 23 February:



There is a high chance that we could experience the blossom when we’re in Toyoma 7-16 Apr. Matsukawa and Takaoka are the 2 best places there for blossom.

Forecasted flowering date: 4/5

Forecasted full bloom date: 4/10

All about Japan lists it’s top 3 blossom sites, with detailed information and pictures.

screenshot_2017-02-27-18-43-42-051Visit Toyoma lists 15 blossom view site, with a small photo, brief description and direction for each site.


Nagano city

Forecasted flowering date: 4/9

Forecasted full bloom date: 4/14

screenshot_2017-02-28-11-49-04-406The next likely place will be Nagano city, we’ll be there later at 16-19 Apr. If we missed Toyoma blossom and could afford at least half a day of blossoming, we would visit the Takato castle. It is featured in many top 10 Japan blossom spot travel website, but is also slightly out of the way, located south of Matsumoto about 90 mins away by JR rail to Inakita station then local bus to reach park entrance.

screenshot_2017-02-28-12-05-41-901If time was tight when we’re in Nagano city during the blossom period, the Ueda castle is just 25 mins away by JR.



Go! Nagano features a dozen sites,  with detailed information and bus schedule as of 2016.


Japan – Guide features 4 sites.  Koboyama park, matsumoto castle, Joyama park, and Alps park.

This one a more detailed info and photos reported last year, Koboyama park & matsumoto castle


screenshot_2017-02-27-18-53-21-822Japan-Guide lists 3 spots..