I can still remember those days when we searched high and low for free Wifi while touring in a foreign country. Data roaming was out of reach for most of us, unless you worked for a generous boss who’ll pay for your data roaming cost, or you ARE genuine rich to pay from your own pocket.

Thanks to telecommunication technology, for catching up with the trend of switching from voice to data network, and Chinese phone makers, for coming up with the idea of dual Sim phone, I can now stay online in a foreign country cheaply without going through too much hassle.

What is the best deal, taking into consideration the price, data quota & speed, and duration for my 80 days stay in Japan?


ReadyRoam – 1GB for 30 days at just $20

Simply the most convenience option for me and wife, who are both existing Singtel subscriber. No worries if we exceed the data limit (1GB might not suffix if we blog happy), the excess will be charged at the same rate, and down to the last MB, as explained in their website

8. How will I be charged if I have completely utilised the 1GB bundled data within 30
Excess data beyond the 1GB bundled data on our preferred networks will be chargeable
at $0.019/MB (≈$20/GB) for ReadyRoam (11 countries)

Also very easy to turn on the service, we could activate after we’ve touched down, and to check the data usage, via the MySingtel app.

Subscribe up to 7 days in advance via
• My Singtel app > Roaming > Roaming Plans > ReadyRoam – 1GB for 30 days
• Dial *7626 and select ‘9’
• Call 1688 (S$10 activation fee applicable)

While overseas,
• Dial *100# and select ‘1’
• SMS *7626 to 3333 and select ‘9’ (Roaming SMS charges apply)

mobile Wifi rental


Not a bad option if the idea is to share the Wifi among a number of people for a short duration.

pre paid sim

Can be purchased in Singapore before leaving, or order online to courier to your house. JR cafe selling 3GB/8 days $35 or 7.5GB/15 days S$40. Yokososim selling 5.0GB/ 90 Days at S$65, add $1 for house delivery.

The cheapest is to buy in Japan. There are just too many options out there. fandom gives a comprehensive comparison. On average, 1 month of 1GB data cost ¥3000.

Some offer pre order online and pick up later at hotel or airport upon arrival.

For those looking at buy on the spot at the Japan airport, this useful site here  gives update of the location of various sim card vendors.


 Iijmio 3 months 2 GB Japan Travel SIM card for ¥3,799 (S$50) available at most Bic camera stores. The remaining quota can be check online here.

wp-1487815848921.pngThere’s also option to top up data by buying the coupon.

wp-1487814681822.pngAPN setup details which may come in handy after I got the card at the airport, with all the luggage and kid after a long flight..

My choice

While my wife would be turning on the Singtel ReadyRoam ($20 per month) upon reaching Narita airport (only for the first month), I would be able to take my time to hunt for Bic Camera to get the Iijmio 2 GB/90 days (S$50). Thanks to my Xiaomi Mi5 dual SIM phone, I will be able to keep my Singapore line.