Following the impulse buying of the Japan trip, we wasted no time to start planning the itinerary. It’s only 3 weeks away..

Keeping in mind our objective is to experience Japan in a slow pace with a toddler, we narrowed our target area to be the central Japan region, bounded by Tokyo on the east and Hiroshima to the west.

We’ll start from Hakuba, skiing for a week before spending the next 3 weeks immersing in Japan’s winter perfect landscape: Shiragawa-go, Kurobe Alpine & Gero onsen, cherry blossom-ing in Matsumoto, Takayama, and Toyama.

Taking a few days break in Nagano city before we start a 2 weeks coastal route from Kanazawa, passing Fukui, to reach Kyoto. A week in Kyoto, followed by another week making a loop to Hiroshima & Osaka, ending in Nagoya for a week. We’ll go east to Hakone, spending a week of stopovers in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, and Fujiyama.

Ending the trip with a week in Tokyo, and how can we not go Disney with Qiqi?

Our full itinerary:

  1. Hakuba Mar 7-15
  2. Matsumoto Mar 15-25
  3. Takayama Mar 25 to Apr 1
  4. Gero Apr1-2
  5. Takayama Apr 2-7
  6. Toyama Apr 7-16
  7. Nagano Apr 16-19
  8. Kanazawa Apr 19-25
  9. Fukui Apr 25-28
  10. Kyoto Apr 28 – May 2
  11. Hiroshima May 2-3
  12. Osaka May 3-6
  13. Kyoto May 6-7
  14. Nagoya May 7-14
  15. Hamamatsu May 14-16
  16. Shizuoka May 16-17
  17. Fujinomiya May 17-18
  18. Hakone May 18-20
  19. Tokyo May 20-26